Software Development


Ucodia delivers an extensive amount of development and consulting experience brought together as a white label solution provider. While being a white label solution provider we can offer our services to you directly and also, through you, to your customers without being openly visible to them. In this way we can offer you a very competitive and highly qualitative proposition, be it either in time needed to develop the technical solutions you or your customers want or in the prices we charge. Our teams of consultants and engineers in Holland and India are extremely skilled and proficient, having a minimum of seven years of experience in the specific technical field that they are working in.

  • WordPress The next step

    A recent report of W3Techs states that 23.1% of company websites are using WordPress. Most of them use standard WordPress plugins; while only some of them use customized or specifically build plugins to show information obtained from back office system
    s. Here is where we can offer help: Ucodia can build these much needed WordPress plugins that interact directly with your back office solutions to display the information you want to be available on your website.

  • Mobile app development

    We at Ucodia think that mobile apps can increase your business value in multiple ways. Not only could your external customers benefit from using your mobile app to do business with you, but also your own employees who can use them to optimize processes or get the real time information they need.
    But not only mobile business solutions are getting more common, gaming on mobile devices has grown to be a very big market too. We’d like to help you define, design and build these mobile apps, for any platform available (iOS, Android or Windows Mobile).

  • temporary workforce

    If your company has temporary more work than it can handle or are the technologies required by your customer not in your area of expertise? Then you can outsource this work to Ucodia, who can provide a qualified and experienced team of professionals to work on your projects. Our team, our capability, our expertise is all yours at a very affordable price and in a flexible structure.
    We have dedicated engineers available in specialized areas and (open source) technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, .Net and Java.

  • How We Work

    Yes we can offer very affordable prices because we have offshore development teams. Does this frighten you? Don’t be frightened!

    No yes-men

    Many offshoring project fail because of poor instructions from the clients and a development team of yes-man. The clients do not exactly know what they want and explain it to a development team that do not ask questions nor dare to oppose the client. A combination made to fail. Ucodia does not have yes-men. We ask the shirt of your back before we write one letter of code. Don’t be intimidated by this, because the result is that you and we are very clear on what is required and what needs to be delivered.


    90% of people can only understand how something works when they can see it. This is why Ucodia uses tools to visualize the solution before we develop it. We like to go into the details with the visualization so that there are no surprises when the solution is delivered. We usually divide the project in two phases: visualization and development. The visualization is done in close cooperation with you and/or your client. All business rules are recorded during the visualization phase. The development phase is started once the visualized solution is agreed upon.


    For server site development our main focus is open source technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) as it develops faster and does not come with expensive licenses for you. However we have .NET developers employed. For mobile applications we have iOS, Android and Windows Phone developers employed.

  • Our clients

    Sorry we don’t disclose our clients to you as we will also not disclose to anyone that we are working for you. That’s what being white labeled is all about!

    All we can say is that we have our client in different countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands who are serving their customers globally. Customers in domains like recruitment, manufacturing industries, medical & healthcare, laboratories, hospitality & leisure, food, flower sector, social media, gaming and more. We are silently but proudly part of it.

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